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lecocqassociate is a leading boutique law firm specialized in the niche areas of regulatory banking and corporate finance, regulatory and structuring advisory. We are very interested to hear from you, you may please fill out the contact form below and we will get in touch with you.


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lecolecocqassociate_geneva_switzerland_officecqassociate Geneva is a boutique law firm

42, route de Frontenex
CH-1207 Geneva
t: +41 22 707 93 33
f: +41 22 786 14 68


malta-office-lecocqassociatelecocqassociate Malta is a regulatory advisory firm

Swiss Urban Factory, The Regulatory Suite
5, Saint Frederick Street,
Valletta VLT 1470 Malta
t: +356 22482900
f: +356 22482919


lecocqassociate Dubailecocqassociate Dubai is a structuring advisory firm

Central Park Offices, Office 15-32 ,
Dubai International Financial Centre
P.O.Box 506652 , Dubai, United Arab Emirates
t: +971 4 2427843
f: +971 4 242 8081

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