AIM Summit Convenes in Geneva: 12 June 2019


02 Apr 2019 AIM Summit Convenes in Geneva: 12 June 2019

Leading Discussions in Alternative Investments


Join our expert speakers and panellists in discussions on global Alternative Investment landscape with a special focus on Impact Investing as an emerging asset class. Our Geneva edition’s (12 June 2019) primary focus will be on sustainability in agriculture and its investment dynamics presented by the World Economic Forum. Hear Peter Rockefeller’s opening speech on current sustainable agriculture investing and the interface between philanthropy and sustainability in target markets.





Guest Speaker

“As the world’s population continues to surge it becomes ever more pressing to increase the production of healthy foods using Earth-friendly farming methods that can be sustained into the future. The need is matched by opportunities for forward-thinking investors to deploy investment capital in ways that will simultaneously advance sustainability in agriculture and meet the need to feed additional millions, while generating real returns.”


Peter Rockefeller
Board Member, Vice Chairman, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors
Managing Director, Brock Capital Group


Guest Speaker

“The Summit will address one of the most critical issues of our time as it will introduce global investors to the vast array of opportunities that are key to advancing the innovations in technology that are essential for meeting the food supply of a world population that is projected to be a staggering 9 billion by 2050”.


Lee Tashjian
Global Council, World Economic Forum
Special Assistant to the Chairman & CEO, Fluor Corporation


Guest Speaker
“The future of sustainable and impact investing is based on building industry coherence and collaboration to accelerate the evolution from the short-term investment mindset to one that focuses on long-term investments and sustainable impact.”


Katherine Brown
Head of Sustainable & Impact Investing, World Economic Forum



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