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24 Oct 2018 Compliance and Reputation Management – IBSA Middle East

We have the pleasure in inviting you to join Mr. Dominique Raphael Lecocq and Ms. Hooriya Qazal Rajput of lecocqassociate, together with Nico Van Bockstal of Vistra, for a morning discussion group meeting explaining how, in the context of increasing regulatory compliance requirements, your appearance on the internet can have an impact on your banking and commercial relationships.


The event is organised by the International Business Structuring Association (IBSA) which is a worldwide community for practitioners dealing with international business structuring and regulatory compliance.


In a time where the internet dominates and controls our business and personal reputations; it has become increasingly vital for us to ensure that we seek proactive measures to control and manage the contents of our business and personal lives appearing online. This is crucial so as to avoid facing difficulties in managing and conducting day-to-day banking and commercial relations, particularly with respect to the appearance of any misleading and incorrect data appearing on the internet and/or stored on various databases used globally for checking overall banking and commercial profiles.


This meeting will provide you with a brief overview of what financial services provider or similar counter-parties look for when conducting due diligence; the link and impact of your appearance on the internet during the due diligence process; and possible pro-active measures which may assist in ensuring that your appearance online and on various databases is correct and updated.


Networking opportunity among the attendees will be provided following the discussion, offering the occasion to meet fellow members and their guests. This event is free to IBSA members and carries a nominal charge of AED 100 for invited guests.


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This event carries 1.5 hours of CPD accreditation.