Phillipah Tsuro

Administrative Assistant

Phillipah Tsuro is the Administrative Assistant at lecocqassociate’s Dubai Office. Phillipah is a certified Human Resource Manager, obtained from the American Certification Institute and is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management & Psychology with Arden University (UK). Prior to joining lecocqassociate, Phillipah has been involved in setting up and structuring Ministries, offices and departments, and strategically developing effective processes that contribute towards the organisation’s objectives. She was an office Administrator for Turtle Management Dubai, Receptionist with Farnek Services LLC in Dubai and an Administrator/Coordinator with Celebration Ministries International in Zimbabwe.

Outside of work, Phillipah is passionate about philanthropy and is a certified Zumba instructor, who offers free dance classes in her community. She joined lecocqassociate in May 2019.

Languages: English and Shona