Capital Markets

The lecocqassociate group is highly proficient in assisting and advising our clients on the legal frameworks surrounding capital markets including but not limited to listed shares, bonds and long-term investments. We provide legal advice and compliance services for our clients on laws, exchange listing rules, directives, circulars and regulations in relation to listing on a stock exchange and Initial Public Offerings (IPO); listing requirements; takeovers of public companies; filings; delisting; and rulings of an exchange and promulgation of new rules.


Committed to excellence, we provide clients with legal and regulatory services in relation to client’s listing securities IPOs; on-going regulatory advice for listed companies; and the delisting of publicly-traded companies.


The professional team at lecocqassociate have extensive experience in assisting foreign and domestic companies with takeovers of publicly-traded companies. Whenever an opportunity arises for a takeover, regardless of the classification of the takeover (friendly, reverse or hostile takeovers), we are committed to providing clients with tailored advice in relation to their acquisition interests. We specialise in legal and regulatory affairs and our services in relation to takeovers include due diligence; negotiations; transactional services; and delisting. Our Geneva office is also uniquely placed to advise on matters relating to the SIX Exchange.


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