The lecocqassociate group provides visa or residency permit services for individuals who are looking to visit or take up residence overseas. Part of our visa and residency permit service involves assisting clients with Schengen Visas.


The lecocqassociate group offers regulatory advice and assistance to ensure our client’s move or visit to their destination country is as seamless and hassle-free as possible. Our legal professionals have extensive expertise in providing visa and residency advice which caters to our clients’ specific needs. We pride ourselves on dealing with any issues in a sound and expeditious manner, ensuring a high level of and adhering to our clients’ wishes whilst fully maintaining compliance with the law.


At lecocqassociate Malta we are perfectly placed to assist the increasing numbers of people requiring visas, residency permits and access to the citizenship by investment programme because of their attraction to the lifestyle on Malta. Malta’s relaxed way of life, affordable cost of living, as well as the country’s strategic position in the heart of the Mediterranean are just a few of the reasons for its popularity. The jurisdiction of Malta offers myriad opportunities for foreign entrepreneurs, high net worth individuals and investors seeking an attractive, yet safe business environment.


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