The lecocq Spirit

Based on fundamental values of mutual respect, personal development and excellence in all that we do, the lecocq spirit aims to inspire each individual, irrespective of their position within the firm, to achieve their full potential for the benefit of our clients and for our firm.


We therefore take pride in supporting our people in every way we can to achieve this goal, together. We invest from day one in our team members’ continuing professional development and encourage all associates to publish newsletters and articles in journals that relate to their areas of expertise.


We believe that coming together is just the beginning and keeping together will create progress – but working together is at the heart of our success. We acknowledge that each individual has a contribution to make to the team. Accordingly, our people are involved from the outset in exciting and innovative projects to develop the group, which enables everyone to feel part of the future of the group and to participate in its direction and progress. We believe that having top-rated people who possess integrity, are curious and emotionally intelligent is essential. We also strive to create culturally and linguistically diverse teams across our offices.


The traditional “office” concept is changing rapidly and the group is at the forefront of creating innovative opportunities in this regard. Our people are encouraged to make full use of the group’s flexible working arrangements and other work-life integration benefits that are available.


Finally, our group undertake countless hours of pro bono work across a broad range of areas every year, giving back wherever we can.